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Koukaki district is a very vibrant neighborhood which is popular for short-term rentals. In the heart of this neighborhood, in the well-known Veikou street, we come across a newly-built apartment building dedicated to short-term rental which is overlooking the Acropolis. We were asked from our client to design the interior of the 6th floor penthouse following her vision to offer an exceptional, five-star hotel, living experience to the visitor, inspired from the neighborhood’s characteristics.
The 90 sqm apartment offers a stunning view to Acropolis due to its 12 meters glass facade. Our goal was to design a layout that would give the visitor an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view from every corner of the apartment. In order to achieve that in the given L shape plan, we placed the seating and lounge area, as well as the kitchen, behind the glass facade. The bedroom was placed at the far end, while the bathroom was placed between the bedroom and the seating area. The challenge was to design a bathroom that can be manipulated by the inhabitant, in a way that can act as a divider or a connector between the two spaces, offering view to the Athenian landmark even from bedside.
Attention to detail was a very important aspect in the design process, especially during construction, in order to connect all these different elements and create a well-balanced space. All finishes have direct relevance to the Athenian heritage in a symbolic layer, as the white marble bathroom refers to the Parthenon while the woven wallpaper refers to ancient Greek textiles and the parquet floor and wood cladding serves as a romantic memory of the Athenian apartment in the 50’s.