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In the heart of Athens, just a breath away from Acropolis, Caryat apartment offers an exceptional stay to the visitors. The design process borrowed characteristics from all the elements that are combined in the neighborhood, the building itself and the surrounding area.
Marble and linear patterns from Acropolis, chevron parquet and terrazzo floors from the 50s Athenian apartments, and contemporary characteristics and design from the entire building that hosts the penthouse.
In the entrance of the 7th floor a green Tinos marble feature wall, combined with terrazzo Paladiano floor, welcomes the visitor, offering a memorable first impression. The corridor that leads to the circular jet-black steel staircase was designed in a way that offers the inhabitant a cavelike experience, coming in contrast with the open, flooded with sunlight, plan of the 8th floor that leads to. In the top floor Dionysos marble strips on the floor heading towards the Parthenon, olive veneer kitchen and a wood wall clading representing an abstract profile of the Caryats, offers the host a new way of experiencing Acropolis. The terrace hosts a metal mesh shading the lounge area, a small planted rood with greek herbs, a hot tub and a stunning view to the Athenian landmark.