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Dirty MANH

street food

Located in the bustling area of Koukaki in Athens, MANH-MANH is a popular restaurant situated on the second floor of a two-story building that was once a house in the 1950s. Its name is derived from the Mani Peninsula in Peloponnese, from where the restaurant’s owners source their ingredients to serve traditional Greek recipes. With its unique and successful food experience, MANH-MANH is run by three friends who now want to expand their love for food and offer their unique take on souvlaki through a new street food venture called DIRTY MANH.
Street food is a cultural phenomenon that transcends social stratification and history, allowing people to experience the relationship between a society and its food. DIRTY MANH, a food truck or KANTINA, will be temporarily parked in one of the well-known neighborhoods near the Acropolis. Its design will be inspired by the characteristics of a food truck, with the cube-like kitchen placed at an angle that blurs the boundary between outside and inside, inviting the street inside.
There is no clear storefront or doors, creating a welcoming environment for passersby. The kitchen is the main element of the eatery, illuminated from the ceiling, and is almost like a “precious object.” A large opening in the cube allows visitors to witness the cooking process, making it a key element of the street food experience.
The materials used in DIRTY MANH were carefully selected to serve the design concept. The cobblestone flooring makes visitors feel like the interior is an extension of the street, while the stone wall symbolizes the traditional stone houses of Mani. The metal cladding of the kitchen references the food truck design, tying together the overall concept.