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Located in the windy and arid region of Karpathos, Agrilaopotamos in the south of the island, this architectural project is a summer house tailored for a surfing enthusiast. The area is renowned for its wind and speed surfing activities, making it an ideal spot for the client. The plot is sloping, with the main road situated at the higher end.
To combat the powerful wind conditions, the ground floor of the house is earth-sheltered, offering a natural source of cooling and shade. The first floor is positioned on top of the sheltered ground floor, rotated vertically to the wind direction, providing a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, the island of Kasos, and the sunset. The first-floor volume is cantilevered by four meters, creating the impression of levitation.
The design features a recess on the ground floor plan, creating outdoor spaces protected from the wind. By situating the first-floor volume on top, it provides shade to the recessed space below. The only visible element of the house from the main road is the first-level volume, seamlessly blending into the landscape. The summer house is meticulously crafted for a young German couple, offering a contemporary and sustainable space that celebrates the region’s beauty while providing a comfortable and protected living area.
To harmonize the house with the environment of Karpathos, we carefully selected materials that complement the traditional materials used by the Karpathians to build their houses. The earth-sheltered ground floor features masonry walls all around, merging the volume with the surroundings. The first floor is a white plastered cube, reminiscent of the old “stavlakia” small white houses used for agricultural purposes that you can find throughout the island.








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