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medical center

The interior of the Gynecology medical center is designed to celebrate the experience of pregnancy. The main feature of the space is a stunning wall made of green marble sourced from the island of Tinos, which is sculpted to resemble a pregnant woman’s belly. Large hemispheres are imposed on the marble surface, adding to the organic feel of the space.
The walls are covered in 280 white stripes that vary in width and texture, each one representing a day of pregnancy. The stripes add depth and texture to the walls, giving the space a unique character.
To create a calming atmosphere, there are no sharp corners in the space. Instead, the walls and ceilings are curved, creating a natural flow throughout the practice. The solid wood floor follows the curves of the walls, emphasizing the organic and welcoming feel of the space.
Overall, the interior of this Gynecology medical center is a beautiful celebration of pregnancy, with every detail carefully chosen to create a soothing and welcoming environment for expecting mothers.