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in Othos

The design of the project revolves around a residential building situated in the mountainous village of Othos in Karpathos. The property encompasses a single-story house with a semi-basement section that was initially intended for demolition. Architecturally, the village is characterized by white rectangular or “Γ” shaped buildings featuring roofs or open structures, along with vibrantly colored wooden elements that reflect the Dodecanese tradition. Additionally, Aegean-style rooftops are a common feature.

The plot’s location at the center of the settlement ensures that access is limited to pedestrians only. During the design process, utmost consideration was given to preserving the village’s architectural style and the surrounding environment. The layout of the building was meticulously planned in a “Γ” shape, allowing for the creation of an internal courtyard. The focal point of this courtyard is an orange tree, which holds significant sentimental value for the owner. The building’s orientation covers southeast, northeast, and southwest directions, abutting adjacent plots and structures. Furthermore, to the northwest, the building connects with an olive grove.

The primary architectural structure draws inspiration from the traditional architecture of Karpathos, incorporating elements such as facades, ornamental railings, and built-in flower boxes known as alitanes. These features are reimagined in a contemporary and innovative manner. To ensure privacy, a tall stone boundary wall encloses the premises without physically touching the main building. This wall includes a gap that encourages visual communication between the courtyard and the Municipal Road.

The design principles guiding the construction are based on several key factors. First and foremost, there is a commitment to respecting the existing architectural style of the village. Secondly, the design incorporates references to the architectural elements found in historical residences rather than direct imitation. Lastly, the layout prioritizes the privacy and functionality of the outdoor spaces.

The house itself is organized over two floors. The ground floor encompasses the kitchen, living room, a communal bathroom, a bedroom, and an internal staircase. Notably, all these spaces are seamlessly connected to the inner courtyard of the building. On the upper floor (referred to as Floor A), there are two bedrooms – a standard one and a master bedroom complete with an en-suite bathroom. The master bedroom also enjoys a connection to the outdoor space of the ground floor via a balcony door.

The continuous openings that extend towards the inner courtyard contribute to creating indoor spaces that are both inviting and well-illuminated. These openings infuse warmth and light into the interior while also effectively dispelling humidity and staleness. Additionally, the exterior of the building is equipped with 10cm thick thermal insulation. This insulation not only enhances energy efficiency but also provides protection against the harsh winter cold of the mountainous settlement and the intense heat of Greek summers.




91 sqm




Under Construction