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exceptional living

Blending modern architecture with the local tradition, KALI villas recreating the Karpathian hospitality by proposing a relaxing experience of island living.
KALI is a village in a traditional island sense, that reimagines the concept of the extended home, as an intimate hospitality destination that invites guests to connect with the essence of local life.
Embracing the raw beauty of the landscape and dark blue sea, we created
a ‘village’ of whitewashed villas positioned to enjoy views of the sunset to the east. The stone walls made from local materials, protects the guests from the strong north-east wind and separates the villas to ensure privacy.
The accommodation consists of 4 villas, each with a private terrace and pool. Entry is through a small courtyard (Avli) that features a round mosaic made from local artisans. The villas are divided into a sleeping/ bathing volume and a living volume that leads you to the terrace, which features a lounge and a dining area overlooking a private pool to an uninterrupted view of the Aegean. The traditional stone ‘Aloni’, a circular structure used for grinding wheat into flour, has been reimagined as an infinity pool from which to enjoy the sunset.
KALI was inspired by the name of the owner’s grandmother. She was raised and still leaves at the island. A woman that is well known for her ‘philoxenia’.

KALI comes from the Greek word KalI (Καλή), that means Good.




343 sqm




Under Construction