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Lot 51

all day bar

Lot51 cafe bar is located in the heart of central Athens, surrounded by a pedestrian walkway and a public garden park with a unique exotic atmosphere, envisioned by its diverse group of coffee experts. The design concept aimed to reveal the original columns and clay walls, allowing visitors to explore the history and former uses of the building. To ensure natural light reaches every corner of the interior, we redesigned the window openings and utilized special techniques on the walls to maximize light diffusion, creating a bright yet theatrical environment with a predominantly white neutral palette. On the upper floor, guests are welcomed by an oversized metal and wood table, along with handcrafted stools, while opposite wooden bleachers offer an informal gathering area for people to sit, chat, eat, drink, or participate in coffee tasting events and workshops. The ceiling’s diverse character is discreetly accentuated by hanging plants arranged in compositions above the common spaces, while a custom steel wireframe with climbing plants envelops the façade, creating a real-time installation that continually transforms with time and seasons, reminding everyone to stay open and curious.