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Palaio Faliro


The 160 square meter apartment is housed in a luxury residential complex in Paleo Faliro, designed by architect Alexandros Topazis. The purpose of the study was to preserve the urban character and the modern design that governs the entire building and at the same time highlight its interior characteristic materials and elements, such as: clean lines, clear separation of private and common spaces, marble, soft colors, wooden parquets made of American oak.
As the original design by Alexandros Topazis was timeless, only minimal structural interventions were necessary, such as the removal of a single interior wall to unify the kitchen and living area. Thus, the separation of the different uses of the now open floor plan is achieved with the different floor materials, the wooden cluddings and also the architectural and decorative lighting. The existing American oak parquet flooring, wall claddings made of American walnut, and large ceramic tiles were the standout materials in the apartment, with furniture and decorative elements chosen to complement and highlight these materials.
Upon entering the apartment, American walnut wood veneer paneling accompanies the user in all common areas. This continuous wooden surface unifies the spaces, and its curved geometry when entering the living area creates fluid boundaries. The entrance area includes wardrobes, shoe racks, and all necessary mechanical equipment for the apartment. The guest bathroom features the same walnut paneling for a luxurious and seamless transition.
In the living-dining area, the fireplace volume is covered with ceramic tiles and American walnut, which offers storage spaces and conceals the TV, while a rotunda in the dining area adds visual interest. The kitchen’s design mirrors that of the other rooms, with a ceramic-tiled island and an American walnut “wing” that doubles as a table for everyday use. The bathrooms feature small ceramic tiles for a modern twist on classic Athenian apartment bathrooms.