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Pigeon nest

apartment block

The architectural project is a luxurious apartment block situated in the beautiful and sought-after area of Vari, in the south of Athens. The plot enjoys stunning views of the Athenian coast and the majestic Ymittos mountain range. The client, hailing from Iran, had a vision of creating a design that blends elements of Iranian culture with Greek.
The design team successfully integrated clay elements, known as “clostra,” which are inspired by Iranian pigeon houses and traditional architecture. These elements adorn the facade, offering shade to the apartments and a striking visual appeal. The exposed concrete used in the facade structure is a material commonly used in contemporary architecture in Iran, further emphasizing the integration of the two cultures.
The apartment block features five luxurious two-floor apartments, each with its private pool, a single-floor apartment, and underground parking. The apartments are designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation while taking advantage of the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
The blend of Iranian and Greek cultures in the design provides a unique and compelling aesthetic, perfectly suited to the client’s vision. The overall design is a testament to the successful integration of different architectural styles and cultures, creating a harmonious and functional living space that celebrates the beauty of both Iran and Greece.








Under construction