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Urban stripes


Located in the heart of Athens, specifically in the Koukaki neighborhood, this project features a modern and functional small office area design. The space, measuring 50 square meters, features a front workspace area, a glass box in the center of the plan containing a meeting room and a bathroom, and storage in the back.
Designed with a sleek and stylish modern aesthetic, this office area complements the urban character of the neighborhood. The use of bare concrete walls contrasting with black-stained oak cabinets, and a black marble floor that complements the color palette of other materials used throughout the space, creates a striking design element.
The glass box serves as the focal point of the design and provides a unique and stunning feature to the office space. Danish furniture is incorporated into the design, adding an elegant touch to the overall atmosphere and creating a sophisticated and refined environment for work and productivity.
Despite the limited space, the office area feels open and airy, thanks to the use of glass walls and strategic furniture placement. The front workspace area is functional and efficient, offering ample space for work and storage.