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Inspiring Testimonials from Clients and Collaborators

Here‹s something you don‹t hear very often: ÒWe renovated an apartment in Athens, and it was easy!

The words renovation and easy don΄t usually go hand in hand. It’s more like nightmare that follows the word renovation.
We have always wanted a place to call our own in Athens, but not having any family or other connections there made the task of finding a place and subsequently renovating it, very daunting. We searched the internet for both apartments for sale and architects/builders for the best part of a year. We found the apartment and now for the architects. We were lucky enough to come across  Mab Architects website on our search for companies in Athens. Their work immediately stood out, and when we met them face to face we knew instantly that we had to have them  transform/update our small Athens apartment. The added bonus was having Franky and Dimitris from Mab Architects meet with us to get her with the builder LUkasZ (LZConstruction and Development) and this gave us the confidence to sign on the dotted line. The brief was to give us a larger  bathroom to include a shower and washing machine/dryer as well as maximise the living and storage space (to hide away luggage etc). It seemed that this would be impossible to do with our small 27 sqm apartment, but Franky and Dimitris rose to the challenge and managed to achieve that and much more. Lukas executed the build to perfection and all within the promised budget. What was truly incredible is that after the initial meeting, we came back to Australia and Covid hit soonafter!!! For the next 2 years we could only follow the process from photos the guys were sending us, of the different stages of demolition and construction. To top that all off they organised the bed, TV, washing machine/dryer, curtains and pretty much all we needed to move straight in! We walked into our newly renovated apartment for the first time this February 2022 and were totally blown away by how beautiful and spacious our little apartment looked! We can’t recommend this team enough!!!! The guys from Mab Architects Franky and Dimitris together with LUkas Z are a dynamic, passionate, trustworthy and extremely talented team and if you are contemplating building or renovating please don’t waste your time looking around.
We consider ourselves lucky and forever grateful to have come across this trio.

-Colette and Greg, SydneyAustralia

Mab architects have vision and architectural integrity. They are creative, innovative and they listen to their clients needs and desires.

We created DIRTY MANH together, a modern eatery, near Acropolis in Athens Greece and we are extremely satisfied with their work, budget range and design wise. They have excellent communication skills and understood what we wanted, from the very beginning. Putting their hearts into every project they create, they are the best team to work with!!

-Yiota H.

A brand-new year, in a brand-new home designed by the talented, professional, attentive and highly-skilled visionaries at mab architecture.​

Recently, my family moved into the house of our dreams in Filothei…a modern, elegant and warm space built with excellent craftsmanship. And while I was told that rebuilding a property can be a stressful undertaking, I found the experience to be enriching, exciting and well-organized in the trusting hands of Mab Architects. Their passion, attention to detail, respect to the client’s needs, dedication and integrity is unparalleled. Caring and inspiring collaborators who pour their heart into every project and build lasting relationships with their clients….Franky and Dimitri are masters of their trade and I sincerely thank them for creating the stunning masterpiece I call home!!!
-Valerie K.

The result is an architecture that is current but timeless, rational while also being reflective of the values and characters of the client.

Mab architecture is a firm the offers a wide range of services to public and private clients. They specialize in architecture that is regionally driven and attempts to heighten the phenomenological qualities of the site. The firm as well as Franky whom I had the privilege to work closely with, are brilliant in the design process. The architectural investigations that are produced revolve around the creation of a rich and thoughtful edge between the interior and exterior, utilizing light as a medium and employing warm, natural, local materials in order to accentuate a sense of place. The result is an architecture that is current but timeless, rational while also being reflective of the values and characters of the client.

-Nikos F.

Sophisticated design, attention to detail and respect for the clients budget.

-Lukas Z.

Completely professional from taking our goals in mind, creative in giving multiple design options we would not have thought of, sensitive to cost considerations, great attention to detail and impeccable workmanship!!!!!

-Calliopi P.

One of the most innovative, inspirational, talented practices right now in Greece. Definitively the highest standards of professionalism, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork, talent, very Anglo-american standards in terms of all above. Real pleasure of doing business with.

-Sonia S.

They are very professional, hand-working young people full of enthusiasm and unique ideas. They are the best!!!

-Maria N.