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The semi-underground summer houses on the island of Karpathos are a unique architectural project that draws inspiration from the traditional Greek farming technique of “anavathmides” or “pezoules”. These small horizontal surfaces were used by farmers to cultivate crops on steep slopes and were supported by dry stone walls made of rocks without the use of mud.
The five holiday homes in the southern part of Karpathos are designed with a similar concept in mind. Stone walls follow the natural topography of the land, creating a new topography that “supports” the spaces of the homes. Planted roofs are incorporated into the design to help blend the buildings into the landscape, while also providing insulation and improving the microclimate.
The use of natural materials like stone and wood is an important aspect of the design, as it helps to harmonize the buildings with their environment. The result is a seamless integration of the new buildings into the existing landscape, creating a beautiful and functional space for relaxation and enjoyment.
In keeping with the tradition of Karpathian houses, outdoor relaxation spaces are an essential element of the design. These spaces are located on the facades of the buildings, providing a comfortable and inviting area for residents to gather and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Overall, the design of these semi-underground summer houses on Karpathos is a stunning example of how modern architecture can draw inspiration from traditional techniques to create a functional and beautiful space that blends seamlessly into its environment.