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S apartment is a 250sm penthouse in the heart of Athens.

Build in late 60s its consisted from unique architectural elements that refer to a different era.
The clients wanted to maintain the look of this classy Athenian apartment, but in the same time a layout that fits their needs.
The challenge on this project was to make small interventions that will have a huge impact in the existing layout. The outcome was a new wall “S shaped” curved wall that offers a bigger kitchen and two entrances to this space and in the same time maintain all the existing architectural elements. The curved oak wall is placed in the main entrance of the penthouse and creates a flow to the visitor towards the dining area and stores the heating system and a wardrobe.
The other rooms of the penthouse were also redesigned to highlight the original look and feeling of this different era. A green timber and marble built in bookcase was placed in the living room matching the general color of the space, and shelves and cabinets were formed in the dining area to match the S wall on the entrance and maintain the continuity of those two spaces.